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We have provided generic pricing table below for your convenience and to provide a guideline for prospect projects.  For a more complete quote, feel free to contact us with your request,including what you would like done (in as much detail as possible).

Cerakote Services


Disassembly/Assembly  (Pricing may vary depending on make/model)              $70

         (Frame and/or slide Disassembly/Assembly $25-40)

Slide (one color) (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                          $100

Frame (one color) (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                       $100

Complete gun (Frame/slide/components)

       (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                                                $180

Magazine                                                                                                                        $10

Revolver (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                                        $170

Additional color                                                                                                             $25

Camouflage Pattern, Skulls, Lettering*                                                                       $75

Long guns

Disassembly/Assembly                                                                                                $85

Semi-Auto Rifle (AR, AK, ACR, M1A, etc...)

      Upper Receiver/Stripped (one color)                                                                     $65

      Lower Receiver/Stripped (one color)                                                                     $65 

Furniture (per item; one color) (Stock(s),

Front Hand Guard, Rail, Barrel w/Gas Block)                                                            $45

Magazine(s)                                                                                                                   $15

Complete Rifle (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                             $195

Shotgun (Disassembly/Assembly)                                                                              $70

Shotgun (one color) (Disassembly/Assembly not included)                                    $175

Bolt Action/Lever Action Rifles (Disassembly/Assembly)                                         $75

Bolt Action/Lever Action Rifles (one color)                                                                 $180

Additional Color (per color)                                                                                          $30

Camouflage Pattern, Skulls, Lettering*                                                                       $95


All other services (machining, parkerizing, fitting and modifications) are priced according to work performed and are done on an appointment only schedule. Please contact us for direct quote for service.

All prices subject to change without notice. Please contact us for current pricing. 

Modern Paladin offers a 1 year Guarantee on workmanship/applications performed. We will correct any product we coat should any cracking, peeling, flaking, discoloration, chipping or unusual wearing/deterioration occurs. As with any product, normal wear will occur and should be expected. This guarantee excludes "normal wear" and excludes any act of extreme abuse.

* Additional material cost(s) may apply. 

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