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A small sample of our work

Blasting cabinets can do more then you think. A little self branding concept in motion
When two great gun coatings come together on one project. Cerakote Satin Aluminum over KG Gun Kote S
Spike's _The Jack_ hanging out to dry! #mpgunworks #cerakote #ar15build #tacticool #modernpaladin #g
A client's pattern and color approval photo
USMC WWII Camo pattern___ Why not
It's been a while since our last post. My 1911 slide desperately needed some attention, and it got i
Cerakote custom pattern
Desert Eagle finished in Cerakote Burnt Bronze and Graphite Black
US Optics Scope finished in Cerakote Gun Coating Flat Dark Earth (FDE)
Pistol build for GunsAmerica, finished in Cerakote gun coatings Tungsten Grey
Awesome Dan Wesson 1911 finished with Cerakote Gun Coatings, custom mix Parkerized Grey
Glock G17 finished in Cerakote Patriot Brown and Desert Sand
A very popular pattern. Although a first in Red and Black
Kimber pistol finished in Cerakote Combat Grey and Graphite Black
Glock 42 finished in Cerakote Satin Aluminum and Robin Egg Blue
That's A LOT of Pink!!! #modernpaladin #glockporn #cerakote #mpgunworks #glock30
A little Xmas love for one lucky lady
Stencils done!!!!! Cerakote USMC Eagle Globe & Anchor Flag in Marpat Camo
A little #merica getting packed up for a client
AR finished in Cerakote, Kryptec Highlander pattern
Getting down with the Desert Digi
Custom engraving and Cerakote
Finally bringing the CNC to life with some engraving test(s)
Custom Multicam pattern incorporating the provided Titanium parts and MagPul grip and stock
A little experimentation with USA flag themed AR. Thoughts_ I personally think it looks a little lik
_Can you match Sig Legion Grey__ Yes....yes we can
I love Cerakoting these lowers. No two are ever the same
A little love for a client's Quarter Circle 10 9mm
A very popular theme lately. But then again can you be too patriotic_  I think not
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