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We have provided generic pricing table below for your convenience and to provide a guideline for prospect projects.  For a more complete quote, feel free to contact us with your request,including what you would like done (in as much detail as possible).

Gunsmithing Service

General Labor                                                    $65/hr ($50 minium service charge **).


Machining operations                                     $80/hr  (1 hr. minium charge)


Drill/Tap holes                                                  $25 per hole ($50 minium).


Pin and weld muzzle brake                             $75


NFA Engraving service                                      $70


CAD/CAM design                                                $50/hr


Barrel Threading                                               $120 (machining only)*


Sight Installation                                              $35-$50 (standard dovetail installation).


Trigger Installation (Striker fired)                  $35-65


AR15 Upper (build/modifications)                   $65


AR15 Lower (build/modifications)                   $50


Glock RMR Slide Cut                                          $160


Detail Cleaning                                                  $50-80 (varies by type of firearm)


Technical/Service Inspection(s)                      $40-100 (varies by type of firearm)

The above pricing is a generated based on our most common request(s) for service.   While there are considerable variables based upon a wide variety of needs for service, we feel that the above price line will help give you a general cost estimate of work you may need.

If you have any specific needs or questions please reach out to us via our contact page or call. 


* Pricing may vary based upon other operation(s) or services needed prior to accomplishing requested work.

** Unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon prce. 

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