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CERAKOTE YOUR SLIDE! Single Color, Free return Shipping. $70.00

Early bird offer for our Friends, Fans and Followers. Take advanage early, before we nationally launch, our Cerakote Promotion. Send us your Glock (all models), Springfield XD (all variations) or Smith & Wesson M&P (series) slide and we will Cerakote it with a single color of your choosing and ship it back to your for only $70.00 (per slide). 2017 is a new year, with a new Administration so why not a new look on your stock gun.

How it works:

-Download and fill out the Work Order***

-Select your Cerakote color.

***STILL IN THE WORKS. Please include the following on a separate piece of paper included with your slide.




Phone Number

Color of Cerakote desired.

-Disassemble, pack up and ship us your slide w/the completed paperwork/form.

Shipping Info:

Modern Paladin

11861 Canon Blvd. Ste.#F

Newport News, VA 23606


You can submit your payment via check or money order at this time or pay online when invoice received.

Once we have your item(s), we will invoice you via email. This will confirm that we have received your item (and payment if submitted), and verify the Cerakote color and also allow you to submit payment if you haven't done so already. You can expect a 4-6 day turn around time for the Cerakote (providing that we are not delayed by unforeseen circumstances, such as leaking oil. Cerakote will not be applied until the surface is completely contaminant free). Once we have complete your slide, you will receive an email the day the item is shipped back to you.


Some early Glock Gen3 slides have the front sight post peen/swedged into place. We can not remove and reinstall the front sight in these instances. Please check your slide/front sight to verify if this is the case. If you look inside the slide (after barrel and spring removed) at the bottom of the front sight base and see a shallow cup (and NOT a screw or wedge with pin) it has been wedged. We do offer Glock factory night sights (front/rear sets) for sale at a discounted price with free installation. If you wish to capitalize on this offer, please contact us for pricing and availability. This offer is conditional to the removal and re-installing of sights so there is complete coverage and protection of Cerakote.

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing right" -Hunter S Thompson


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