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WHAT? Your not taking in new work!?

As some of you may already know, WE'RE MOVING, or at least attempting to move. Early January I found a new location in a small town called Laurel Fork VA, totally by chance. "Laurel Fork VA....never heard of it!" Yeah, me neither, but thats where we are going. I was out in that area visiting....well, lets just call them extended family, and staying a small resort (Kanawha Valley Arena Resort-Hotel) where I got to talking with the owner. So, naturally both of us being gun guys, the conversation gradually turned to what I do and where I'm from, etc..... I casually mentioned wanting to move out of the Tidewater area (because it sucks here) and he replies, "I have a old 6000 square foot Fire Station I am trying to get ride of, right there on Hwy 58". WHAT? Can I see it?, "Sure he responds, it's just around the corner, let yourself in" he says (telling me the secrete code to get in). Well folks, the rest is history. The wife and I ventured out that way a couple of times since to ensure it's doable, and we have come to terms for a lease with the owner, so now we are gearing down for the move. With that being said, we are no longer taking in new work until after the move. The items/projects we currently have in the shop will be completed and returned prior to us moving (in which I have to be out of this building NLT 1 May). But, in order to make that happen, we can no longer bring anything else in and hope to get it done. I can already here it......Great, now who do I go to? Well, I have that answer and a few more.

Q: Where's Laurel Fork, VA?

A: Western half of VA. Get on Highway 58 (Suffolk), head due West for 5.2 hours, and it will take you to my shop's door step (we are right on Hwy58). Out near Galax, Floyd, Mt. Airy NC.

Q: How am I suppose to get my work to you?

A: 3 ways. You can ship it. You can drive it out there, OR, I have set up relations with a friend of mine in Hampton VA, whom will take in work on my behalf. Once a month, I will travel back to civilization (although a crime infested version) and pick up/drop off work at his location. He is a fully license FFL/SOT holder, so rest assured it's all above board. You all have been good to me over that past 5 years and I want to be able to maintain that good relationship and not completely abandon you.

Q: When will you start taking in new work?

A: Our current timeline is something like this (because Murphy and I are on a very personal relationship)......Machining operations will be moved in mid/end of March, and will be down approximately 1 week for the breakdown, move and set up. The rest of the shop will move in April (all of it). Then comes the house and who the hell knows how long that gonna take. But, I hope to be taking in and doing light work by end of June.

So, in conclusion, we will be taking in new work eventually. Once we are settled in, up and running, I will send out a email blast with how to get work to me, including a local connection where you can drop off and pick up from. I will also be doing periodic VLOG updates as things stay tuned.

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